Dosing FAQs

Though we do provide suggestions on the CBD dose you might consider taking, we are not doctors and make no medical claims. For more information please read our Terms of Use.

What’s the best way to administer your tinctures?

Use the measured dropper to measure out the amount of CBD you wish to take. Drop CBD under the tongue and hold for 30 to 45 seconds before swallowing for optimal absorption.  

How may I administer CBD to my pet? 

Drop the recommended dose for your pet directly on food/favorite treat or directly in the mouth if needed. 

Other tips:  

* Drop inside your pet’s ears for transdermal absorption. This will also help clean and keep bacteria at bay.

* Put directly on your pet’s paws so they can lick it off.

Can I overdose my pet or myself? 

NO.  You cannot overdose your pet and there is no toxicity associated with CBD. However, we do recommend that you start with a small amount and work your way up over time.

Are there any side effects? 

The only side effects might be lethargy (sleepiness) if you or your pet takes MORE than your body may need at a given time. This may not be a bad thing in cases of exhaustion, high anxiety or anticipation of an anxiety attack.

How do I know what’s the right dose for myself or my pet? 

Even though there’s no risk for toxicity, studies suggest that CBD should be introduced slowly and gradually, increasing dosage over a period of 1 to 3 days until optimal results have been achieved. 

What if my pet or a loved one is recovering from a serious injury or condition? 

Dosage can vary quite a bit from one situation to the next. You can increase the dose as needed in certain situations during a period of time. We call this a “rescue dosage.” For example, you may need more ample amount in situations like taking your pet to the vet, a storm, an injury/post surgery, or any other triggers you or your pet may experience. 

Can I take CBD to help with sleep?

Yes. Make sure your dose is high enough that you feel sleepy. Your dose should be higher at night than during the day. For optimal results during the daytime, you should be calm and energized yet feel relief from your symptoms.

What about the varying sizes of individuals or animals? How do we know what the precise dosing will be?

There are many factors to consider besides the size and weight when it comes to proper dosing. Although we use weight as a reference point to start an individual’s dose, everyone metabolizes CBD differently, and it also depends on how many cannabinoid receptors in individual or animal has.

For example, many believe because a horse is so large that it must be on a high dose, when in fact a horse has a very sensitive ECS (endocannabinoid system), so the technique of starting at a lower dose and increasing the dose until optimal results are achieved still applies. That does not mean that they can’t end up on a high dose due to their injury, pain or anxiety levels. The basic rule is your dosage is contingent upon his/her pain level or need for relief; This is basic supply and demand.

A potential side effect of an excess of CBD may be sleepiness if an individual or animal takes more than their body is able to metabolize. If the individual or animal exhibits excessive tiredness or sleep, lower the dosage. You know yourself or your pet best. When it comes to proper dosing you need to be the judge!