Your products are the reason I’m walking today.

– Andrea, Vermont

The CBD is working great! Today I noticed Moogie’s lumps reducing for the first time!!!!! I would like to order 2 more tinctures. Thank you so much!

-Sarah and Brenda and Moogwalla The Great, Vermont

As far as results, lots! I’ve been using CBD for a while now. I’ve found I use less with yours. I have Crohn’s disease, my symptoms, many extremely urgent bathroom trips, chronic joint pain, fatigue and  chronic abdominal cramps. All of them have been treated with CBD. It takes away all of my pain, it relaxes my colon and has dramatically cut my bathroom trips from hourly to twice a day!  I also sleep better and have no anxiety issues now!

I shared it with a friend of mine when he was getting a migraine, three times, no headache! I’m ordering for him also. This medicine is so incredible! Thank you so much for letting me try yours, I am looking forward to my shipment!

-John, Massachusetts

We are so happy to say that our dog has not had a seizure since we started giving him your tincture! It has been YEARS since we’ve gone this long! He also moves around better with less pain and is going and getting his toys and bringing them to us! What a difference it has made in his life! Thank you.

– Bill and Karen, Vermont

My horse D.C. has made improvement! He was super spunky and his movement was so much better than before. He stood in his stall with his front legs straight underneath him. He usually stands with his legs pointing more forward almost trying to relieve pressure … Thanks so much for helping him.

– Cassie, Vermont